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15 Facts of Back Pain to Beat the Pain

Once in a lifetime, everyone suffers from back pain. Lucky if it attacks you with mild but in some, one gets disabled.

Why are you suffering from back pain? What is happening in your back? What to do, to get rid of the pain?

Following are Key Facts of Back Pain that are important for treatment and prevention.

1. Back pain is an ancient curse.

Once upon a time, we human being used to walk on four limbs like animals and never use to stand on our feet. Our creator created us that way, but our ancestors learned to stand and walk on our two legs. The human creator became so angry that he cursed us, “Everyone will suffer from back pain through one’s life.” 

Now we all knows that, almost all complaints of back pain.

2. Back Pain lasts only for 2-3 days.

It is true that everyone suffers from back pain, but it lasts only up to 2-3 days. It is a rare case that it would last more than that, and if it does, you need to consult your Doctor to get yourself assessed.

3. Long-term disability is rare

Though back pain causes disability in severe cases but permanent and long-term disability is rare.

Since back pain is caused by surface structures, there is no way that it will cause permanent disability.

4. Back Pain will not cause death.

Though in some cases, the pain might be very severe and feels as if it can kill you. But it is the fact that it will never cause death. Back pain does not cause and have any fatal problems and issues.

5. Back Pain is mostly caused due to improper sitting.

We love to sit and take rest. We spent huge time sitting on a chair in the office and sitting on a couch at home.

You feel resting and comfortable while sitting but huge load or tension is distributed on our back. Thus more force is received on back structures and therefore causes back pain. Improper sitting is the main cause of back pain in most of the cases.

6. Back Pain is not a disease

One of the interesting back pain facts is, it is not a disease. Though in most of the cases, pain is caused due to underlying disease but Back Pain is not a disease. It is not caused by any organism like bacteria and virus, so it is not a disease.

7. Most Back Pain cases do not have any medications.

Most of the people take medications especially painkillers during the back pain attacks. But it does not require medications since it is not caused by any microorganism such as bacteria and virus and can be treated easily through conservative management.

8. Back pain has nothing to do with weather.

It is common for elderly patients. They complain of back pain during cold and gloomy weather. But there is nothing to do or is related to weather. It’s the psychology of the person to think that such weather causes it.

9. Wearing lumbar belt or back pain belt does not treat back

Most of the people wear a back pain belt or lumbar belt during back pain attack. The move is wrong, and in fact, it will worsen your back in the longer term. Lumbar belt and back belt support and braces are used only during backbone fractures for support and during back muscle tear.

If worn, the back muscles will get further weakened and cause more pain in future. Therefore always consult a Physiotherapist before wearing one.

10. 99 % of the back pain cases are not caused by Kidney Failure or Urinary Tract Infection.

Most people fear that Kidney failure or UTI cause their back pain. But there is nothing to fear of that since its very rare and almost 99% of the back pain cases is not caused by other underlying disease or related issues. Therefore, do not fear or think of such cases.

11. Back pain will not lead to cancer.

There is no way that back pain will cause or lead to cancer. Since this two fields are completely different and is not related to each other. Therefore nothing to worry that back pain will lead to cancer.

12. Mechanical back pain is the common types of back pain

There are different kinds of back pain, but the most common type is the Mechanical back pain. It is caused when a person doesn’t care or doesn’t maintain the proper position of the back. In other words, when a person doesn’t maintain the proper position while sitting, standing, lifting and so forth.

13. One of the basic treatment and management of back pain is Hot therapy

Fill up hot water in a plastic bottle and place it directly on the painful area, this can treat your back pain very easily and effectively. Hot therapy will help to relax your back muscles and hence will relieve your back pain very effectively.

14. Prevention is better than cure even for back pain

As the famous wellness saying goes, “Prevention is better than cure” this is applied even to back pain. Always maintain your back in a correct position, use proper back ergonomics while lifting and doing other activities of daily living. This strategy can prevent your back pain and hence does not need to bother with getting cure or treatments.

15. 90% of the back pain patient gets treated with simple exercise

Though it is painful for some cases, almost 90% of the patient of back pain gets treated with simple exercise known as Mckenzie exercise which is also known as back extension exercise.

The Last Facts

This is some of the facts of back pain, and it is very important to know to treat back pain as well as to prevent from one.

Most people think that something very serious has happened during the attack, but it is very rare. We can easily manage our back pain and does not necessarily have to visit the hospital and consult your Physician and Physiotherapist.


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