What Is Lucid Dreaming-Importance & Benefits

We are all dreamers. Dream with close and open eyes. We dream about our life, career, life partner, family, children, friends, stars and many more things. Dreams with open eyes are the aim of life or planning of future. We know what we are dreaming. But the dreams with closed eyes are those which are not planned by us. These are the dreams which occur when we sleep. What we dream is not in our hands but they may be the day wise activity or sometimes any intuitions.

Dreams are of 2 types. One is the regular simple dream, the dreams which we see every night but they are not under our any control. Many of us even don’t remember what we saw. Another is something which is not ordinary. We named them Lucid Dreaming. We mostly don’t control our dreams but while Lucid Dreaming we are able to control the facts and characters. Here the dreamer is aware of dreaming.

It is basically an art of being aware of what you are dreaming and to control your dreams. You feel like waking up when you are asleep. You can become anything or anyone what you want to. Feel the dream world with your control. Although you know that nothing is real, but you can take decisions and do anything what you wanted to do in waking state. Lucid Dreaming is like a super power.

The process of Lucid Dreaming is very helpful in learning things by yourself, learning your short falls and how to overcome them, talking to persons whom you haven’t met since long but wanted to, playing out of critical situations and sharpen your memory.

The potential and power of Lucid Dreaming does not have any limit. Your mind starts doing amazing things while dreaming. While dreaming, mind perceives as well as creates a totally different world of yours. And that is done so beautifully that you may have ever imagined. Its an experience which seems to be so real but it is not.

How To Lucid Dream

As we said, Lucid Dreaming is all an art of controlling the dreams. But it is not actually possible by everyone. One has to practice hard to learn the process of lucid dream. Sometimes it happens naturally, mostly when we are engaged with some serious problem and trying hard day and night to overcome that, you start dreaming about that problem while sleeping to get the conclusion or a remedy. But it’s a very rare practice.

To dream lucid, first of all you have to relax your body and mind. Start sleeping. Decide a goal which you want to achieve. The goal may be a question, a problem, a situation to overcome, anything. Start asking questions inside your mind. Try to write down them with your insight. If you don’t want to write, try to imagine a person whom you believe will give you a suitable response. Talk to them. Discuss that problem. You realize that you are coming near to solving that. When you awake, you feel a new fresh insight to solve the same problem and now you have the solution too.

Importance of Lucid Dreaming

This process is practiced to heal the problems of some serious unsolved mysteries of life. This is done by regular practitioners to heal the patients. It is also a remedy to resolve the problem of any serious illness. It can give you the roots of the disease which help you to cure the same. There are few cases when doctors failed to diagnose the root of any disease but the patient himself guided them to the base of that disease.

This also helps the student sector in their studies. Sometimes they get stuck with some hard questions. Lucid Dreaming helps them to solve them by taking help of experts in dreams.

When you feel bored of your regular machine-typed life, you can lucid dream to roam around beautiful places you ever wanted to go, do the entertainment of your choice and feel the freshness inside. When you get up from your sleep, you actually feel that freshness in you.

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