Learn about Various Side Effects of Vaccines with Case Studies

The phrase ‘side effects’ inevitably creeps up to mind whenever it comes to any sort of medication. Vaccines are no different. However, remember that vaccines are one of the most effective and safest means to disease prevention.

The Modus Operandi of Vaccinations

The first thing to note is that our bodies are protected to fight against the most unwanted and unwarranted threats that come from outside. Vaccination is a proactive measure to avoid infections.

There are specific viruses or bacteria that cause specific diseases. The vaccine contains a weaker or killed form or a part of this same germ. What happens next is that our immune system develops antibodies to fight that germ, not only for that moment, but also for resisting severe attacks in future.

Different Side effects of a vaccine

As vaccines contain weaker or dead microbes, they do not cause any major harm to the body. However, depending on strength of the immune system of an individual, there can be some side effects of vaccination.

Now, these side effects or consequences also vary according to the type of vaccine, from being mild to severe.

Take a look at the different effects of 2 major vaccinations.

  • Hepatitis B Vaccine

Hepatitis B vaccination is one of the most common in the world. It is almost mandatory for every child to get this vaccine shot, no matter in which country s/he is in.

However, there are some relative side effects of Hepatitis B vaccination which have come to light. One of the most common and least harmful ones, is slight swelling and pain in the area of vaccination.  Which can be seen throughout the spectrum of side effects of every vaccine, .

The swelling or pain does not really last much and usually subside in hours or within 2 to 3 days. There are reports of mild fever too. That is why, there are many evaluations in place to ensure if an infant is taking the Hepatitis B vaccine, then the temperature rise should not be more than the threshold value.

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  • Measles Prevention Vaccine

The measles vaccine has brought down the suffering and mortality of measles. However, this measles vaccine also has mild side-effects like fever for a few days. People have also experienced mild and transient rashes after receiving measles vaccination. In the rarest of rare cases, some neurological conditions have been observed along with febrile seizures.

Similarly, there are other common repercussions of vaccines that an individual may experience. They are headache, tiredness, joint and muscle pains, itching, mild rashes, etc.

More severe ones may include – allergic reactions, faster heartbeat, etc. …but these are very uncommon.   Severe side-effects should be reported to your doctor immediately.

How to be on the safer side?

Before getting the vaccine shots, it is important to have a consultation with the doctor or medical professional who will give the vaccination. They can guide you with the suitable or essential vaccines after conducting a thorough assessment of your health conditions.

Simple things like applying a cold compress, taking a pain killer or a fever relieving medicine etc. may be helpful in alleviating the minor side-effects of vaccines.

The pros of vaccines far outweigh the very few cons, hence be sure to immunize.


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